¿Quienes Somos? Abatta

Abatta Systems, Company overview

Abatta Systems is an IT Services and Solutions Provider that differentiates itself from the competition by the quality of its solutions, industry insight and its capacity to provide added-value to its clients.

Human capital is our greatest asset; nevertheless we know that processes are vital for people to execute effectively their jobs, that’s why we are in a continuous improvement process of our operations, adopting models such as MoProSoft and CMMI for our organization and PSP/TSP for our engineers, this enables us to give a superior quality service.

We encourage an environment where customer communication, anticipation and adaptation to change and transparency are paramount; with all of this our company is taking a global competitive approach.

Our Value proposition is based on the cost-benefit, quality and delivery time of our products and solutions, all of these without overlooking the needs and wants of our customers and associates.